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“capabilities to help bridge this gap”

The mining sector can prove challenging for emerging miners and black entrepreneurs to enter, due to lack of funding or industry knowledge. At Omang Resources, we believe that we have the expertise and capabilities to help bridge this gap.

Who we are

Founded in 2011, Omang Resources is a black-owned mining investment company...


With a portfolio that spans across coal, chrome and manganese, and other mineral processing opportunities.

What we do

We identify and invest in lucrative mining projects, including Black Empowerment transactions...


And early-stage mining projects. Through our involvement in equity participation, supply chain services, operations and board positions, we aim to ensure maximum returns.

In pursuit of value we invest in

Greenfields exploration

With a defined risk profile and significant upside potential.

Cash generative mineral processing

And mineral tailings retreatment projects.

Mining operations

Projects with short payback periods.

Collaborative and consolidative approach

Development and exploitation of adjacent projects where all resources, infrastructure and services are pooled and shared to improve project viability and profitability guarantee.

Why us

With over 100 years combined experience in the mining sector, we have pit to port capabilities and access to local and foreign markets to ensure seamless and superior results - from mine to market.

Our integrated approach to investments, partnerships and mining means that whatever the requirements of the mining project, we have the expertise to deliver on our client's expectations and beyond.

We operate under

Omang Coal

Mining and beneficiation capabilities in the eastern parts of South Africa and trading capabilities to both inland and export markets (using Matola Ports in Mozambique and Richards Bay in South Africa).

Omang Chrome

Years of experience in mining and beneficiation of chrome.

Partner in chrome a 240Mton project with a Chinese State owned mining company in the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex in South Africa.

Omang Manganese

Consolidated production from emerging miners to a common concentrator plant and common stockpiles of various products for export.

Omang Mining and Rehab

Contract mining, integrated rehabilitation solutions involving communities as part of Social and Labour Plans, Enterprise Development and Legacy Projects.

Bespoke mining equipment hire solutions.

Advanced Beneficiation Technologies (ABT)

  • Provision of fit-for-purpose mineral beneficiation solutions to Southern African mining and mineral processing companies using the extensive expertise and experience within our company and solutions from alliances with associate companies and industry leading experts
  • Our solutions aim to maximise client or partner company’s recovery revenue whilst aligning ourselves with host country government’s vision of local beneficiation and industry transformation
  • Efficient solutions with strong capabilities recoveries in even low grade resources to maximise revenues
  • Tailings acquisition, ownership and retreatment on our own or in partnership with owners or investment partners
  • By-product value extraction, including non-mainstream commodities
  • Primary commodities: PGMs, Chrome, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Tin, Zinc

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