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Whether it’s moving resources off the continent or bringing goods to our shores

Transport and logistics plays a crucial role in unlocking Africa’s economic growth. At Omang Trading and Logistics, we are ideally positioned to act as a gateway between South Africa’s wealth of mineral resources, the rest of Africa, and the world.

Who we are

Omang Trading and Logistics is a proudly South African company founded in 2014...


Specialising in the bulk minerals sector, the company was established to capitalise on commodity trading and logistics opportunities in South Africa.

What we do

Omang Trading and Logistics has the capabilities to provide partial or complete pit to port supply chain...


With a solution that includes product sourcing, siding management for rail wagon loading, rail allocation, port throughput allocation, ship loading and maritime services.

How you benefit

With years of experience in funding, mining, trading, transport and logistics, we offer rail and port throughput allocation at competitive pricing.

Why us

We aim to keep abreast of competitors through our investment in mineral reserves, while our strong business relationships with logistics state and private entities enable us to secure and maintain long term partnerships with our clients and ports.

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