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About Omang Group

Founded in 2011, and repositioned in a major restructuring in 2019, Omang Group of Companies is focused on mining, logistics, trading, renewable energy, ICT, property and manufacturing services and supplies.


Why we are

When it all began, our founders’ vision was clear; they wanted to introduce a new face to the chosen industries. This face was professional, involved, knowledgeable and experienced. But, like all visionaries, we needed a higher purpose. We needed our purpose and offering to be anchored in something more meaningful than just the bottom line




Our people

are our greatest


We do more than deliver, we aim to exceed

As a growing firm, we are able to give all investments the attention they deserve. This means we don’t do extras and substitutes. We put our focus into grooming star players who add tangible value, intuitive insight and masterful expertise to the clients we serve.

Our approach to performance makes all the difference

We pride ourselves in delivering as efficiently as the most prominent players in the industry using our internal skills and experience acquired two decades in the respective sectors. This is how we guarantee superior, consistent results without compromising best practice.

We value the relationships we nurture

We understand that the growth of our company isn’t measured through numbers alone, but also through the people behind a healthy bottom line. This is why we do more than just push our team for optimal returns on investments, but to also invest in our people’s personal growth through equal access to quality opportunities.