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Africa has an abundance of natural energy resources.

We recognise how renewable energy can be harnessed to help power Africa’s economic growth for the benefit of businesses and communities across our continent.

Who we are

Omang Green Energy is a South African developer and owner of renewable energy projects...


We develop and supply sustainable solar power solutions, with our primary focus on the decentralised power sector.

What we do

We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective energy through various sustainable energy solutions...



  • Solar PV Systems

  • Hybrid Solar Systems

  • Off-grid Solutions

  • Microgrid

How you benefit

  • Affordability
  • No risk
  • Predictable costs
  • Uninterrupted business
  • Responsible business


Our solutions reduce energy costs and there is no capital outlay. We enter into a long-term agreement with our clients, either under a power purchase agreement or a lease agreement.

Predictable costs

We offer long-term, transparent and determinable energy costs for clear financial planning.

Responsible business

We supply clean energy, so you can run your business, while doing your part to reduce your carbon footprints.

No risk

We provide energy solutions on the basis that we take the risk of installation, operation and maintenance of the system.

Uninterrupted business

We deliver a stable and safe power supply, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Why us

With over 4000MW and 24 years experience in renewable energy collectively, we offer intuitive insight and expertise, which starts with understanding your needs and the landscape in which you operate.

This way, we're able to deliver superior, consistent results and tangible value.

Project Cycle Process


We determine your objectives, constraints and obtain data and information necessary to develop the solution required.


We submit a proposed solution, including cost and installation timeline for the system, cost savings.


Upon confirmation of acceptance of proposal and conclusion of agreement.


Following installation of the system we will maintain the system until the end of the contract term.

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